Why I embrace minimalism – Dave’s story

By Dave 

My first encounter with minimalism was when my wife, Kate first recommended me to this book titled “The Life Changing Magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.

I was quite inspired by the philosophy of simplifying one’s life and embracing minimalism. As I tried to find out more about it, I stumbled across a blog – “The Minimalist” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus which advocates living a simple and meaningful life through minimalism.

I could readily embrace minimalism, as it aligns well with my personal belief of treasuring life’s experience over stuff. Further more, the idea of living a more deliberate and intentional life has always been something that I have been seeking. 

Modern society compels us to “keep up with the Jonese”, always wanting a bigger pay cheque, house, car, and many other material possessions. In the endless pursuit of these pseudo-happiness which we perceived, we often feel anxious, discontent, jealousy and stress which often take a toll on the more important things in life, including our relationships, passion, health, personal growth.

After I went through my “Konmari” decluttering process, I was only left with a handful of stuff. My mind became clearer on what is really important in my life and I began focusing more on those areas. I also felt mentally lighter and free with less clutter and possessions.

Embracing minimalism also led to me spending less money, less time on cleaning up and searching for my stuff. This also sped up my daily decision making process, simple things like choosing the outfit for the day. With the early benefits that I have experienced thus far, I am able to gain more time to focus on areas that really matters to me. 

This is just the start of my minimalism journey and I am really excited to be able to share it on this blog. I hope that I could find other similar communities so that we could share our experience. Ultimately, I hope that I could add value to others who want to join us in this ordinary yet extraordinary journey in living a simple and meaningful life.

2 thoughts on “Why I embrace minimalism – Dave’s story

  1. I found the link to his blog from cromly featuring your very beautiful home that is truly minimalist. The older I get, the more minimalist mindset I got, not because I want to be environmentally friendly or to spend less (but which I should because my young family of 4 is now living on single income), but clutters makes me frustrated and ill-tempered. I don’t see my family becoming minimalists anytime soon or at all because my husband and I are on different page in this. He buys things because he likes them. I buy things because I need them. But I am happy to hear stories of people who are living minimalist lifestyle 🙂


    • Thanks for visiting our blog and hope that we could inspire more people to live a minimalist lifestyle by showcasing how we could live by with less yet create a meaningful life without having more. We also talk about some smart financial decisions we could make and make life less dependent on more money. Happy to see like minded people like you!

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