Benefits of decluttering

By Dave 

I spent almost a month decluttering, mainly inspired by Marie Kondo‘s (KonMarie) methods. Now, I feel lighter, happier, more focused among some of my other new found joys after the decluttering. 

Self Discovery

When I went through the Konmari decluttering process, I took out every single item and asked myself “Does this add value to my life?” This constant questioning allows me to think deeper into why I made those purchases in the first place. For example, I wanted to travel more, trek more, climbed more, hence I had purchased a backpack then. This process reconciled my initial focus and reinforced them further.

Improve your decision-making

It also improved my decision-making in my future purchases, which greatly helps to limit impulse purchases. I created a shopping list and listed down all the exact items I need. You have to be very detailed about this by listing down the brand, model and price of the item you need. (This is an indication that you have provided some serious thought into wanting to make that purchase.) At the end of the month, I will reassess the list and ask myself, “Do I really need this?” Having survive through an entire month without the item, it makes it easier to assess the needs from the wants. This further eliminates at least another 90% of  the items in the list.

Learn how to let go

This is the hardest for most people. When I went through my mementos, I had to learn how to let go of some of the items that might be sentimental in nature, but no longer add value to my life. Things you value in the past might not add value to you now. You must be ready to discard them. Doing this removes the chain between the item and memory which creates that sentimental link. Memories will stay with us for a long time. Letting go of the clutter does not remove the memories.

Learn what you value in life

Going through this process of decluttering also reinforce what you value in life as only those that “spark joy” or bring value to you remain in possessionThen you will be able to become a better person by living your life encompassed by all those values which is slowly diminishing with the younger generations growing up in  this digital world.

More Focus

After getting rid of all the excess stuff, I became more focus on what is truly important in my life like my relationships, health, passion, personal growth and contribution to society. When there are less stuff in your life, you will have lesser distractions. You will also be more focused as a result.

Living with less

Being less dependent on stuff in your life is a powerful force. It makes you confident about your future when you know you need less stuff to live with and this translates to spending less, and will improve your financial health as well.

Conscientiousness towards the environmentt

When you have lesser stuff in your life, you will indirectly reduce your carbon foot print. Less waste will be produced with less consumption. Every item you own is seriously thought through. Not owning a car (because perhaps you don’t need one), recycling your items (because it will be as good as new), purchasing more energy-efficient items, etc.

Cleaning up

The most practical benefit you will find is that you will take lesser time to clean up your house, since there are less stuff. Less stuff also means less dust accumulating and bacteria growth in your house which will indirectly translate to better health. You will start to love cleaning up the house yourself as opposed to engaging a cleaning company to help you.

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