Love people, use things

By Kate 

One of the most powerful messages by The Minimalists is this – Love people, use things.

Not difficult to comprehend at all.

What about the execution part of it?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, the reverse seems to be the norm (love things, use people). Where materialistic pursue is a priority in people’s life, we seldom stop and observe our surroundings and what’s happening around us. At what cost are we pursuing these stuff? Bigger houses, that Chanel handbag, a Ferrari sports car, the list goes on….

It could be your health, relationships, freedom of time, and perhaps even financial freedom.

But what we take a step back, and start loving people, and using things instead?

Resetting your priorities in life,  seeking work-life balance, enjoying the time spent with the family, doing family activities together, hanging out with friends….

In the pursue of materialism, we tend to forget what is important to us.

But it’s never too late to realise, and start focusing on what matters to you.



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