By Kate 

Over the weekend, we went over to a friend’s housewarming party.

I am really excited for my friend as they have been married for a while, and have a baby boy and it’s great that they finally got their first home.

It’s a great condo at a pretty sleek area. Not directly in the city area but an upscale neighbourhood which is probably just a 20 mins drive away from the city.

The condo was not big, perhaps about 900 square feet?

But there were lots of stuff. And clutter.

Perhaps because Dave and I are into minimalism and with our new home, we have very little stuff, and a lot of space, hence the moment we stepped in, we felt claustrophobic.

A home should be your living space, not storage space.

A home is where you should be able to feel relaxed, not vexed.

A home is where you should be able to sort out your thoughts, not clutter them up.

Of course it’s easier said then done. Since more often than not, we “need the stuff”. Or so we thought.

However, clutter seldom add value to our lives. Some items might, but clutter, not really. We need to distinguish the 2, and only keep those that add value and discard those that do not.

It’s a continuous process. It’s not easy, nor difficult.

But once you manage to decluttter, you will find many benefits to it.


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