Inspiring others through minimalism

By Kate 

I wrote in a previous post (here and here) that my parents were somewhat of a hoarder, though not serious ones. They are the type who do not tend to throw things away if they are in good condition, despite the fact that they are probably not going to use them at all, or ever again.

Dave and I moved into our new place recently (see our home feature here). When my parents visited, they were awed by the space and how little stuff we have, although according to my mother, they will tend to accumulate over the course when you start living in it.

Despite saying that, they love the space. They love how little we have. They love it how easier it will be to clean the house with less stuff and how much faster it would be as well. And most importantly, it felt great with less stuff, since there was no clutter and it was airy, and we only have the essentials, not excess.

After they went back, they went through a decluttering process themselves. They didn’t manage to declutter everything but at least they started. They started throwing stuff away.

All this while I had been trying to explain minimalism to my mother, and she didn’t quite understand it. Thinking that minimalism is wastage, throwing away stuff that are in good condition. However, only one visit to my new place did the trick. As the old adage goes, you try to inspire others through actions, not words.

If you want to inspire someone to become a minimalist, or at least the notion of becoming one, do it through actions, not words.

Show them how much clear-headed we are.

Show them how much happier we are despite having less stuff.

Show them how simplicity beats excess.

Becoming a minimalist is one way to inspire others to become one.

You walk the talk.

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