Before we embarked on our home remodelling project, a few friends of ours told us this “Get your carpenter to help you build up more storage. With a kid around, you’ll need that”.

It wasn’t just one friend who said this. Quite a few in fact.

I told this to Dave and his immediate reply was “What do you need to store?”

Valid question. I didn’t know how to answer that.

Well, stuff I guess generally, but I don’t know what stuff specifically.

After we make a conscious effort to pare down our stuff  and live minimally, we realised that we didn’t actually have that much. Even for Ally. A lot of the toys or clothes that she couldn’t wear anymore, we either donated them or give them away.

Also, when Dave embarked on his minimalism journey, he cleared 14 bags of clothes! Seriously, I didn’t know that he had that much, as his wardrobe was probably just a third of mine. But still, 14 bags!

As for me, I haven’t manage to clear that many, but I had definitely significantly pare down on my items.

It’s easy to hoard. It’s easy to want to keep everything. It’s even easier to shove them somewhere without thinking.

But stuff accumulates.

And before you realise, your home has become a storage space.

A home is a living space, not storage space. 

Make space for living. Each item you own should serve a purpose. Perhaps just one, or maybe more than that.

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