The Christmas tree dilemma

With Christmas not too far away (well in 1.5 months time), I toyed with the idea of getting a Christmas tree. In fact, I had already selected the model and tree I want (the great thing about the internet, you can find whatever you want) and even sent the picture to Dave. The tree was a pretty 1.8m plastic-made tree with beautiful ornaments included (saves us the trip to the store to pick them up separately). I love it. Plus, it’s our first year celebrating Christmas here at our new place, so I thought we should get a Christmas tree to build up the festive mood. And also, since we have a two-year old toddler, it will be so much fun to decorate the tree with her isn’t it?

I told Dave I wanted to get a Christmas tree.

Dave being Dave, replied “Why do you need a Christmas tree? And also why such a big one?”

He further added, “We are not Christians, so celebrating Christmas is a consumerism thing. Are you sure these are the values you wanted to inculcate into the little one?”

Well, I was pretty upset in fact, as I really wanted one. I know all about the consumerism thing. After all, Christmas exists for all Christians and Catholics for the birth of Christ (although December 25th still remains to be debatable). Some other  more popular Christmas traditions, such as gifting, is to remind us of the presents given by Jesus and the Wise Men (but seriously, how many people really know how these traditions came about?) Non-christians like us shouldn’t really be celebrating it —- though not since Christmas has evolved into a commercial festive event that everybody, yes regardless of religion, race nationality, we all celebrate Christmas.

Anyway, we continued the debate until the next morning. I was tired of arguing with him (an amicable one although I did feel slightly pissed off on a few occasions) and decided not to buy one.

However, I will make one. He didn’t say I couldn’t make one.

I went on pinterest and started looking for ideas on how to build a Christmas tree. It’s up to our own imagination and creativity how we would like to create and build it. And I thought this is a fantastic way of engaging Ally in some art and craft session (even better, I don’t have to pay to send her for some sort of art classes).

Over the weekend, we started with the Christmas tree ornaments. We are happy to have made 6 of them so far. It was also cute to see Ally engaging in the colouring of those decors and I am sure that our Christmas tree is going to appear really pretty! (at least to us I think!)

Can’t wait to share pictures in the subsequent posts!

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