Interview feature in Cromly

Cromly has done a feature on our home and we are glad that the article turn up really well.

About a month ago, the interior designer that we engaged for our home remodelling project contacted us and let us know that Cromly wanted to feature us in their “House tour” series. For those of you who are not familiar with who they are, Cromly is a  a design portal and social media platform for homeowners,interior designers, furniture and home décor merchants, and design enthusiasts. You can visit their website here.

Dave and I were very excited as we do look at Cromly articles and design features for some of our remodelling inspiration, and we think that it’s a great platform for home owners who are looking for that dose of inspiration or tips on home remodelling.

An interview was then scheduled about two weeks ago and we are really excited that they uploaded the article and we could share our home concept and minimalism with more readers out there.

The pictures featured were similar to those that we had featured in “our minimalist home” post. We are glad that even though we have already moved in for about two months, the house still remains relatively uncluttered and we hope that it will stay this way in months and years to come.

Enjoy the feature and we will be happy to hear comments of what you think about it!

2 thoughts on “Interview feature in Cromly

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