Why I bought more shoes

In a previous post, I wrote about how many pairs of shoes we would possibly need.

Having said that, I went shopping a couple of weeks back, and purchased 2 new pairs of shoes.

What was the rationale behind the shopping (spree)?

Actually, these are replacement shoes. I bought a new pair of nude heels to replace a previous pair that I had. I loved that old pair, as it was really comfortable. Unfortunately, it had started to tear and there was even a hole at the front. However, since it was so comfortable, I continued wearing it since that hole wasn’t that obvious (or so I thought), until I finally bid farewell to it.

I also got a separate pair of ballerina flats, something that could be worn in a casual or smart casual setting, since the previous pair that I had (yes you guessed correctly!) broke as well.

I purchased the 2 old pairs back then at the same time, during a sale and at that point in time, I thought it was fantastic offer (less than $30 a pair I think?). They lasted me for about 2 years since then and they have served me well, considering my level of utilisation. (To be honest, I think I was alternating between these 2 pairs most of the time).

However, this time round, these new pairs of shoes cost me more than $250 in total.

Yes, those 2 pairs were pretty comfortable as well, and I paid less than $100 for 2 pairs. So why did I pay more than triple the amount this time?

Simply put, I was willing to splurge on them because of the level of comfort.

When I purchased my old shoes, I bought them solely for the design, and they did feel comfortable initially. And I was lucky that they stayed comfortable throughout! But as you know with shoes, that is an inaccurate assessment. I have had loads of prior experience where I just placed the shoes in the cabinet, never to see the sunlight again because they were simply too uncomfortable for me to want to consider wearing again.

Being in the workforce for about 10 years now (yes, you can guess my age), I’ve had purchased numerous pairs of working heels, and to be honest, they can be extremely excruciating to wear. Yes, those Charles and Keith heels are sooo pretty! And I love them, I love their design. I think I owned 2-3 pairs of them.


they are extremely uncomfortable to wear. Yes it makes my feet look pretty, yes it makes them look slender, but I have to endure extreme discomfort.

And as I’ve grow older, I value comfort over design (although I try my best not to compromise on the design too much). But for these 2 new pair of shoes, their comfort level is unparalled. And yes, the brand is known for their inner cushioning, quality workmanship and level of comfort.

And personally, I do not want to risk buying shoes which I might not end up wearing again for various reasons. This time round, my shopping had a purpose. It wasn’t something random, like I walked passed a discount store and they were having a clearance sale or something.

Yes these shoes are pricey. But I know I will be wearing them for a while.

And true enough, almost a month have passed and I am loving them 🙂

Money well spent in this case I think.

3 thoughts on “Why I bought more shoes

  1. Absolutely agree! Though paying more isn’t always a guarantee on comfort, however typically better quality materials lead to a more comfortable result. You have a much better choice in affordable quality in the US.


  2. Hi Kate! If you don’t mind me asking, what are the brands of the shoes you bought? I value comfort over design any day as well, and would love to know of shoes that are comfortable and can be found in Singapore. So far, korean shoes are the most comfortable for me, but we don’t get to go there every few months! 😂


    • Well definitely Skechers shoes for the leisure ones. In fact, my entire family and Dave’s parents are fans of Skechers as well. We each has that one lasting pair! As for work shoes, it’s a particular store along Thomson that I go to. They don’t carry any one particular brand but their shoes are known for comfort and good soles.


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