1000 visitors!!!

It has been slightly more than two months since Dave and I started this blog and we are extremely thrilled to have hit 1000 visitors and almost 3000 pageviews! Considering that we didn’t exactly actively go about publicising our blog (although Cromly did do a feature which brought in more traffic to this blog), this is a fantastic feat and we like to thank all our readers for the support and we hope you enjoy reading our articles as much as we enjoy sharing them in this space.

The top post which generated the most number of views is without a doubt, the write-up on our home. In fact, this article generated about a third of the page views on the blog. We are humbled by some of the comments received and are especially heartened by the fact that there are a lot of like-minded individuals and families out there who will like to emulate such a lifestyle, and create a similar type of space for themselves.

As for the visitor breakdown, the bulk of the visitors are from Singapore but we do have a significant number of visitors from other jurisdictions, including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.

We will continue to share more of our thoughts and journey towards a minimalist lifestyle here and will be happy to hear any thoughts and comments that you may have.

Here’s a good one from becomingminimalist.com.




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