Minimalist cooking

When we moved over to our new place, we didn’t really get much kitchen utensils. Granted that we did go to the value store to get some cups and utensils during the first few days we moved in, for the rest of the items, including the cookware, plates and dishes, they were gifted by my mother.

Fantastic that we didn’t have to spend a lot of money getting all these cookware, as they are rather pricey and the items that my mother gave me were pretty good quality ones.

Despite that, we purchased a food steamer. Yes, one of those electric ones where at the twist of a knob and a click of a button, enables us to just steam our food. You could steam anything, fish, meat, vegetables, etc. Plus, the benefits of steaming are endless. They are healthier since you do not really need oil to cook them, there’s also less washing to do, and it’s also sooooooooooooo much more convenient.

In fact, it’s almost our defacto way of cooking food. Unless there are certain days that I fancy cooking a feast or grilling some steak, steaming is how we prepare most of our meals.

It is extremely simple. I’ll just prepare the ingredients, set it aside, and put it in the steamer. The nature flavours of the ingredients comes out lovely and sometimes, for that extra kick, I’ll drizzle them with various sauces and “abacadebra”, a meal is complete!

This is a minimalist way of cooking and requires little clean up after that (as compared to the convetional stir-frying etc). It is also a healthier option and is extremely fuss-free. Would definitely recommend this.

Do you have any minimalist way of preparing your meals? Would love to hear them.

4 thoughts on “Minimalist cooking

  1. The kitchen is one area I struggle to minimalise. Tray baked meals are a great way to keep things simple. One tray, in the oven while you do something else, only one tray to clean.


    • Oh yes, I totally understand what you mean. In fact, I would go so far to say that probably the kitchen might be the most cluttered area, more so than the wardrobe at times. We use the multi steamer and most of our bowls are big enough to be placed in the steamer. And as a small family, we don’t need too big trays or bowls. However, I am hosting a group of about 12 friends at my place this weekend so it’s going to be tricky. Still thinking of how to go about it. Any ideas?


    • Oh yes totally agree! We have baked a cake, cooked fried rice in it! I have even seen recipes where you cook cook a stew and even soup in it! I love it and how versatile it is. However the tricky thing is that we often need the rice cooker for the rice and hence I seldom have to chance to “free it up” for cooking other dishes. I must confess that I did contemplate getting another rice cooker, but quickly got rid of that idea.


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