Minimising diapers

I chuckled as I was typing the heading. Isn’t this an oxymoron? If we could minimise the use of diapers, we would, won’t we? Regardless of adults or babies.

Since Ally was born, other than her formula milk powder, the other thing that we probably spent more of is on her diapers. (Never mind that she’s attending kindy now and the fees takes up a much bigger chuck of our total expenditure on her.)

Anyways, back to diapers.

We have always been using disposable diapers for Ally. Traditionally, there has always been the debate of cloth vs disposables. More often than not, the common reason that I have heard of people choosing cloth over disposables is how it because how it would reduce the occurrence of nappy rash.  Seldom, is it because of eco-friendliness.

Having said that, I personally know people who would choose cloth diapers over disposables because of eco-friendliness, as well as being more economical in the long-run. These things ain’t cheap! Kudos to you and my most sincere thanks for playing a part to save the environment.

Despite whichever underlying reason it might be, disposable diapers are absolutely a waste of resources and money. 

Having said that, Ally is still on diapers.

She’s 28 months now and we are toilet training her. It’s still a work in progress and we are hoping that she will become less reliant on them and hopefully, by the time she turns 3, she doesn’t need them entirely (unless at night perhaps).

That’s a milestone that I have set for her and of course it takes a lot of tenacity from us, the caregivers to continuously remind her to go to the potty to pee/poo instead.

By using less disposables and reducing our carbon footprint, this could be a great opportunity to educate her to be a civic-minded young lady.

Alright, it might be a bit too early now.

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