8 Ways you can pamper yourself without spending a penny

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Rewarding yourself is important; it helps to recharge your energy. Doing so, you can go back to your work with renewed endurance.

Not rewarding yourself to avoid credit crunch is not good, soon you will feel unmotivated in life.

Entertainment helps you to avoid the monotony of day to day mundane life.

Pampering yourself is not always expensive. You don’t have to break your budget to feel refreshed.

Here are some ways you can pamper yourself without spending a penny.

1. Consider a staycation

A staycation can be a nice way to entertain yourself without spending a dime. It allows you to take a vacation by exploring where you live, which means no airfare or other sorts of transportation cost. Pretty awesome! You just need to explore your local area as a tourist does. You will be amazed that there are many places to visit and things to do that you never had the opportunity to do before. The best part of considering the staycation is, you can even stay in your own home. Take your backpack and explore your own city.

Going on a vacation is pretty good to feel rejuvenated, but it may be a bit expensive. A staycation helps you feel relaxed while saving money. Double benefit!

2. Bake your favorite dessert

You deserve a treat, and it will surely be something good that you would love to taste. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? If you are one among those who are sweet-toothed, then have some fun with baking. Make a plate full of cookies or bake your favorite dessert and eat them. You will feel on top of the heaven. The whole fun will not stress your wallet as well.

3. Spend time with your favorite person

Busy schedules don’t allow us to spend some quality time with our loved ones. You may not have had time to talk to your favorite person. It happens! Sometimes, you want but the shortage of time don’t let you express your feeling to your loved one.

If it continues, you may feel agitated. Thus, it is important to set aside a day to catch up with your loved one. It is applicable for your family, friends, partner, and relatives. This is a great way to treat yourself and value the relationships. After all, life is short, so nothing is more glorious than spending fun time with near and dear ones.

4. Try something out of the box

Doing the same thing every day easily makes us bored. Doing something out of the box can be exciting and motivating. No, I am not talking about scuba diving and paragliding. They’re the quite expensive thrills. I am talking about something simple, which will not blow your money. For example, learning cycling, starting a blog, trying a different outfit, starting a day with yoga etc. These are all simple but very effective to feel motivated and relaxed.

5. Explore free amusement in your city

The irony is, people don’t value easily available things. It’s also true that people underestimate things that are free. But, the fact is simple things can be the great sources of having fun.

Luxurious long trips or exploring the best thing in the world is always great. But, it is also entertaining to attend a concert, a fair or festivals happening in your city. The best part is, they all come with no fee or very less fee. Some cities are famous for the free concerts and festivals. Take a close eye on your town’s newspaper and website to see what free attractions are offered.

Also, museum, zoo, amusement park, local park, and local sea beach are great to enjoy free time.

6. Take a random day off from your work

If you have enough paid leaves at the office, then you can take a random day off from work. Plan earlier to take advantage of the full day relief from work. Some workplaces offer to earn paid leave by allowing employees to work extra hours. Doing so, you can earn a one day break from work. Thus, you can easily balance both the work and personal life.

7. Listen to music

Music is certainly the food of our mind and soul. Listening to music is a wonderful way to entertain yourself. Just play on the genre of music, which you love. You will feel relaxed; the dull, boring, and the lifeless moments will become charming. Good vibes will surely come in your way.

Also, if you like dancing, then set aside some time to dance. You will feel entertained and positive.

8. Go DIY

The do-it-yourself project is one of the most popular entertaining time passes for people who love to be a creative person. It helps to vanish boredom right away. You will feel energetic and confident.

Going DIY is not expensive. For example, you can redo your old T-shirt to a new bag or a cushion cover. From where will you get ideas? Just check out videos on Youtube. You will get ample of ideas to spend some creative time without blowing your money.

If you like to do makeup, then learn new techniques from the internet and practice when you are free. There are so many other interesting things you can do on your own. Learn new things from the internet; you will feel relaxed yet enriched every time you create something new.

Lastly, it’s important to indulge yourself once in a while. Life is stressful; it is important to take out some time for ourselves to relax. But spending a lot of money doesn’t always assure happiness. If you indulge yourself for free, you will feel rewarded too.

Spending huge money on fancy spa days or unnecessary shopping trips cannot be true means of relaxing. Pamper yourself to feel inspired, not to feel financially stressed.


Author’s Bio: Amy Nickson is a professional blogger. Writing is her passion. She covers financial articles mainly. She has started her own blog and also works as a contributor writer for the Oak View Law Group.

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