Many would automatically associate being a minimalist to that of white spaces, high ceilings, monotones etc. Well, that’s probably just the aesthetics of it but one of the most important factor is to unclutter and declutter.

When Dave and I first started out this journey, it was a lot of trial and error. A lot of what we did were based on the KonMarie method but at the same time, we also referred to tips and know-how from other prominent minimalists.

Joshua Becker being one of them.

Joshua Becker conducts the a highly popular program – the Uncluttered course. The course is highly sought after, and is only offered three times a year.

Uncluttered is a 12 week online course designed to help people declutter their homes and examine their spending habits. The course isn’t just for minimalists. It was created for anyone and everyone who wants to downsize and declutter, but can’t seem to get there on their own. The course acts as a guiding roadmap and framework.

It consists of videos, interviews, articles, Q&A sessions, weekly challenges, and most importantly, a super involved and active community.

Registration begins Friday, April 20 and ends Sunday, April 29. The course begins the following Tuesday, May 1.

For only US$89, this is quite a worthwhile investment for anyone and everyone who are looking at decluttering their spaces but not sure how to start.

Own less.

Live more.

And discover the life you want.

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