Friday reads – volume 2

Welcome to the second volume of Friday reads!

And here are the lineups for this week.

Inheritance: It’s More than You Think (BecomingMinimalist) 

Joshua shared a pretty good point regarding inheritance. Many would think of inheritance as the tangibles, passing down money, property, etc. But what about the intangibles? And that, really leaves us a lot of think about.

Climate Change Will Make Rice Less Healthy in Years to Come: Report (Global Citizen)

This caught my attention since rice is a staple for me and my family. Apparently, elevated levels of carbon dioxide reduces the nutritional value of rice crops. And I was just thinking that this could pretty well extend beyond rice, with repercussions on other types of crops as well.

A Lifetime of Lessons (The Simple Dollar) 

Sylvia Bloom, a legal secretary who earns a relatable income managed to amass a fairly sizable fortune in her lifetime. When she passes on, she chose to donate them away to charity. Sylvia’s story is one that is inspiring as she manage to accumulate wealth even though her circumstances are pretty similar to ours; attended public schools, a job that provides a relatable source of income, but consistently living below her means.

What Really Makes Us Feel Successful (Tiny Buddha) 

Are we living a successful life by our own definition or by society’s definition of what it should be? Eugene Choi discusses how he didn’t feel any fulfillment despite earning a six-figure salary right out of college, having a nice car, lived in the nice apartment, and went on the fancy vacations. Are we chasing after the wrong goals? Or perhaps, it’s time to realign our internal goals?

Is what you want really what you actually want? (Save Spend Splurge)

The writing is witty and pierces through. If you can afford it, do you need to buy it? Case in point – upgrading. Do you need to upgrade to an EC or a condo just because you can afford it? Do you need to upgrade to a bigger continental car? And how do you define affordability? A fun yet thoughtful read.

And here’s a quote to round up the week. Provides some food for thought 🙂

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Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Friday reads – volume 2

  1. Really enjoy reading these reads that you have recommended. Will be looking forward to them every week. Keep it up!


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