A reward for giving birth

I attended the baby shower of a friend over the weekend. This is their second kid, both are daughters. The baby is absolutely adorable and we had so much fun as well as it has been a while since we last gathered with a group of mutual friends.

In the course of our conversation, another friend was saying “Do you know what’s the reward for the second baby?”

Apparently, after the birth of their first kid, the husband gifted the wife a “token” to thank her for giving birth to their elder daughter. If I remembered correctly, that was a Prada handbag.

“I think it’s a Louis Vuitton this time,” another friend quipped.

Wow, I was thinking, that’s pretty groovy!

While we were heading back, I was jesting with Dave that he could gift me two belated gifts too for delivering our two babies.

Assuming the cost of each bag to be around $4k each, that would be about $8k worth of gifts collectively.

“Wait, don’t give me the handbags.” I told him as I was thinking aloud. “Give me in cash instead. I’ll use it to buy July’s subscription of the SIngapore Savings Bond. They are offering them at a yield of 2.63% for 10 years!”

“Are you a surrogate?” Dave rolled his eyes. He has always complained that I am too pragmatic and it removes the romantic elements out of gifting whenever I request for the gifts in cash (which happens quite often).

Just wondering, does any of our mummy readers receive a gift from your hubs for giving birth? Or if any of the fathers gift anything to your wife to thank them for the deed? If so, what gifts have you receive or given?

12 thoughts on “A reward for giving birth

  1. Just a disclaimer, i’m not a mother but i find a “push present” very… amusing? Haha! Ridiculous should be a more appropriate word but it might offend others. To each its own.
    But i’m very much like you, i would rather my husband gift me with cash than in physical presents, lol! We’re so unromantic that way!


    • lol I know what you mean. Dave was saying that if he has to give me something for delivering a baby it’s like he’s paying a surrogate. Having said that, I think the husband probably wanted to gift a token of appreciation to the wife as delivery is one of the toughest thing that we as mothers need to go through and if the husband is by the bedside during this time, it could be a pretty traumatic experience for him also. But rather than handbags, personally, I think what would be nice is a “thank you note” from the hubs reaffirming his love for me. That, is the romantic in me speaking 😏


  2. I didn’t hear about push presents until I had 2 kids (I now have 3). By then, I wasn’t ‘hard-up’ for such extravagant gifts, since I didn’t even get a diamond ring from the start, lol. But, I would take a spa day/weekend/5-day retreat ANYTIME for A LIFETIME. Body-pampering for body-pain, right? 😀


  3. Hi Kate,

    1. My wife asked…and I asked her what is she going to give me as well. She said she gave me a son! I said we gave us a son lol

    2. My wife asked again what push presents I can give her? I said two tight slaps?

    3. To be continued…


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