Friday reads – volume 10

And here are the lineups…

The things that early retirement won’t fix (Think Save Retire) 

“After retiring from work at the age of 35, I’ve discovered that early retirement isn’t some instant-fix to all of life’s problems. It’s not that calamine lotion elixir stuff that seems to make everything it touches feel better.” 

Early retirement might solve some problems (eg. relieve some health issues due to work stress) but it might not solve the more inherent ones. Well, I never thought that was a main issue in the first place, since it’s not really so much about doing nothing. Once you have found a purpose and other side projects, that should keep you pretty occupied.

When Is The Right Time To Travel Or Live Abroad With Kids (Financial Samurai) 

“If a family wants to provide the richest cultural experience for their child, the family should travel after their toddler or toddlers are at least three years old.”

This was a timely read for us as coincidentally, Dave and I were discussing about it last weekend. Relocation is great experience for the kids and also as a family but at this point in time, it is just a passing idea for us. Unlike most other parts of the world where you could choose to relocate to another city or town within the country, for Singaporeans, it will have to be another country.

Money won’t make you happier. Time will. (CNBC News) 

“The feeling of not having enough time is known as “time famine” in psychology parlance. You experience a time famine when you feel like you can’t get everything you want done, or there aren’t enough hours in the day to see your family and friends.”

Does that describe you? Well it’s definitely not uncommon. So what’s the alternative? Pursuing time affluence.

Should a man be expected to earn more than his wife? (ChannelnewsAsia) 

The report speculated that when a wife outearns her husband, the couple may feel “uncomfortable — or believe that an interviewer will be uncomfortable — with their violation of the male-breadwinner norm”.

Welcome to the new norm, where woman outearns their man. This is not uncommon. In fact, I know a lot of couples where this is the trend. And rather than feeling bad about it. Man, be proud of your wives!

The Twenty Dollar Swim (Mr Money Mustache) 

“the real thing to understand is that making commitments usually comes with a bigger cost than you expect. There are a shitload of dollars at stake, but also a substantial portion of your focus and mental energy which will go into furnishing, maintaining, insuring, and cleaning these pleasant weekend distractions.”

Early retiree Mr Money Mustache shows us the way to calculate if your purchase is really worth it. Most people buy on impulse without factoring in the potential long term benefit should the money be invested. This might change the way you look at your future purchases forever.

And if you are in need of a break, here are 50 ways to go about it 🙂

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