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The case of “volunteerism” for school enrolment

As parents with would-be primary school attending students would know, the primary school enrolment for Singaporean children born in 2011 starts towards end of the month. Primary school enrolment in Singapore is neither a simple nor complicated process. You just have a lot of phases to navigate through. Depending on what type of connections you […]

Clutter free with kids

A lot of people asked whether this was possible. Clutter free and kids? That seem kind of like an oxymoron. Similarly, when we first welcomed Ally into the family, there seemed to be so much stuff that we needed to prepare. Retailers telling us that we needed this and that and promoting to you the […]

Baby milk formula

One of the hottest topics in the last two weeks that has taken the city-state by storm is a 87 page report published by the Competition Commission of Singapore regarding the increase in price of baby formula in Singapore. If you are interested in the full report, you may click here. The impetus for the […]

Of birthdays and Valentine’s day

This is quite a belated post, I mean Valentine’s Day was more than a month ago right? Why do I even bother to right something about that now? Well to be honest, I had worked on a posting that I had intended to post on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish writing it […]

The Christmas tree dilemma

With Christmas not too far away (well in 1.5 months time), I toyed with the idea of getting a Christmas tree. In fact, I had already selected the model and tree I want (the great thing about the internet, you can find whatever you want) and even sent the picture to Dave. The tree was […]

The suicide of a 11-year-old boy over exam results

Friends and readers living in Singapore would have seen this piece of news. Yes a very tragic accident. An eleven year-old boy committed suicide over his exam results. Apparently, he did not manage to hit the minimum grades that his parents set out for him, and that fear of being reprimanded or something else probably […]


I came across an article titled “Parenting dilemma in the digital age” the other day. As the title suggests, basically the article discusses the dilemma of parenting nowadays with the proliferation of¬†digital and mobile devices, and how we manage the children’s expectations and “wants” to these stuff, especially coupled with peer pressure. In this case, […]

A simple birthday celebration (for your children)

By Kate¬† It was Ally’s 2 years old birthday 2 weeks ago. In fact, both Dave and I actually took a day off way in advance on the actual day of her birthday, thinking then that we would probably bring her somewhere and celebrate her birthday together. On the day or her birthday, we were […]

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