Below are a list of blogs in the personal finance and minimalism space that inspires us and we find helpful.


The Minimalists – Probably the best-known minimalists, Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus share with you their journey through minimalism

Becoming Minimalist – Another prominent minimalist, Joshua Becker and his family lives a minimalist lifestyle and also provides tips and how-tos to declutter our life and embrace simple living

Be more with less – Courtney Craver, one of the pioneers of the minimalism movement and also the lady who introduced us to Project 333.

NoSideBar – A website that introduces you to simple living, minimalism and decluttering


Mr Money Mustache – One of the pioneers of the FIRE movement and the one that hugely inspired us on this journey. Even though he blogs less nowadays, many of his earlier posts still provide much to think about. Dive through the archives!

The Mad Fientist – Another celebrity in the FIRE space, hear his podcasts as he interviews other early retirees including the infamous MMM!

Financial Samurai – Read about him and how he build up his passive income streams

Go curry cracker – Jeremy and Winnie, and their chronicles of adventures upon early retirement, together with their 4 year old son.

Root of good – Another FIRE individual, Justin, who retired at 33 with his wife and 3 lovely kids. It always amazes me how they manage to keep their expenses low with a family of 5!

Frugalwoods – A family of 4 who have reached FIRE, moved away from the city and are now living in a homestead in Vermont. Most recently, they have also published a book!

Millennial Revolution – Firecracker, also known as Canada’s youngest retirees, managed to retire at 31 and together with her husband, are travelling around the world!

Our Next Life – Tanja and Mark, who recently retired in 2017 from their full time jobs. Join them in the next chapter of their lives as they provide you with personal finance tips and share their adventures in the great outdoors!

Mr Tako Escapes – Another early retiree who reached FI at the tender age of 38. Read his adventures and his roadtrips, as well as his portfolio updates!

Montana Money Adventures – The ones who introduced us to the concept of mini-retirement. They have had 4-5 so far and more to come!

Retire by 40 – Joe retired at 40 with an engineering degree and became a stay at home dad!

Four Pillar Freedom – Zach devises his theory of the four “pillars” which helps you to live a rich and meaningful life.

Raising Smart Savers – Family of 4 working towards financial independence and early retirement. Blogs on topics relating to parenting, finance, raising money-smart kids

Investment and local personal finance 

My15hourworkweek – one of the most popular personal finance blogger in the Singapore blogosphere. A highly recommend read on his monthly expenses updates, as well as thoughts and insights in personal finance in Singapore.

The Finance Singapore – A consolidation of latest posts and articles in the investment and personal finance space by Singapore bloggers. Dive through the site for investment tips and more!

Singapore Investment BloggersA consolidation of latest posts and articles in the investment and personal finance space by Singapore bloggers. Also includes articles by corporates as well.