I chanced upon this book ¬†“The Automatic Millionaire” by Financial guru David Bach more than ten years ago in a public library near my formal home. This is the one of the first few financial books that I came across and that was also the period of time when I started to get more serious […]


I was sorting my credit cards the other day and cancelled some. I never owned a credit card until I started working more than 10 years ago. (Well, I did have a debit card though.) And yes, when I got my first paycheck, I applied for the UOB Lady’s card. I couldn’t remember why I […]


Kate recently published a post chronicling how we have decided to set a budget of $60,000 for our 2017 expenses. This excludes mortgage (we did not include mortgage as these are deducted from our CPF ). Expenditure levels differ with each household but we came up with this ballpark figure after roughly calculating some initial […]


Justin from Root of Good recently published an article on how his family of 5 managed to live for under US$40,000 a year. Dave and I are followers of his blog and needless to say, we were extremely impressed on how they managed to achieve this, despite the fact that they have 3 kids (yes […]


I chuckled as I was typing the heading. Isn’t this an oxymoron? If we could minimise the use of diapers, we would, won’t we? Regardless of¬†adults or babies. Since Ally was born, other than her formula milk powder, the other thing that we probably spent more of is on her diapers. (Never mind that she’s […]


I was taking the subway home from work the other day and since it was rush hour, it was rather crowded. Needless to say, there were no seats available. Not that I needed one thought, since I was feeling perfectly fine, ain’t pregnant and I kind of wanted to stand to stretch my legs having […]


The other day on the subway, Dave shared a certain quote with me that goes… “You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you“. It took me about 10 seconds before I finally realised the meaning of that quote.   You can’t change the people around you. Who are […]


Over the last couple of weeks, we have witnessed numerous mega sale events by various retailers, both online and brick and mortar stores. Remember Black Friday, and then there was that Christmas sales, and post-Christmas sales? And now, Chinese New Year sales… These sales just seem endless. Well in hindsight, sales seem to be the […]