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January 2018 

Dec 2017 and Full year – Expenses Update (900 days to FI)


December 2017 

Minimalist in the City – Reflections of 2017

A minimalist pregnancy?

Nov 2017 – expenses update

Car ownership in Singapore

November 2017

An exciting piece of news to share

Navigating the workplace

The engagement ring

A proud parenting moment

Surviving the 11.11 challenge

Compassion at the work place

Oct 2017 – Expenses Update

October 2017

A closer look at our expenses

What are you passionate about in life?

Interview Series – Minimalist who wants to step foot on all Seven Continents before the age of 35

THE BIG PLAN – Counting down with 1000 more days to FI

Sept 2017 – Expenses Update

September 2017

Random thoughts of the day: Counseling a junior member of the team at work

Pre-school in Singapore

September 2017 – expenses update

August 2017

Routine is the enemy of time

What do we do with our old clothes

Debt or no debt

A simplified childhood

July 2017 – expenses update

A little by little adds up to a lot

The road to financial freedom

July 2017

8 ways you can pamper yourself without spending a penny

The seven money habits for living the life you want – “Love your life, not theirs” by Rachel Cruz – Part 2

June 2017 – expenses update

My spending habits

June  2017

The case of “volunteerism” for school enrollment

Wedding banquets in Singapore

Clutter free with kids

Textile waste

May 2017 – expenses update

May 2017

Minimising negativity towards work

The seven money habits for living the life you want – “Love your life, not theirs” by Rachel Cruz – Part 1

Clothing shopping ban – 5 months on

Baby Milk Formula

Consumption patterns of Singaporean women

April 2017 – expenses update

April 2017

“Stop Acting Rich” by Thomas J. Stanley

Random thoughts of the day – a couple’s perspective

March 2017 – expenses update

March 2017

Do you consider the leasehold of the flat when you buy your HDB?

Losing your $14,000 a month job at 48

CPF talk

Minimalism and the luxuries

Of birthdays and Valentine’s day

Having the right people around you

February 2017 – expenses update

February 2017

“The automatic millionaire” by David Bach

Minimising credit cards

January 2017 – expenses update

Budgeting for 2017

January 2017

Minimising diapers

Priority Seat


The truth about discounted items

Lessons over a year of buying nothing except the essentials

Let it go

Reflection on our minimalism journey so far


December 2016

Compounded expenses

Clothing shopping ban


Purchasing with your real hourly wage

Minimalist cooking

Knowing your real hourly wage


November 2016

Junk mail

1000 visitors!!

Why I bought more shoes?

How much do you need to “retire”

The not-so-positive remarks about minimalism


Interview feature in Cromly

The Christmas tree dilemma

The perils of shopping online

Stocking up?

October 2016


The suicide of an 11-year-old boy over exam results


Quick to judge


Life’s greatest gift

The blues at work


The social stigma of downsizing

The cable TV debate

Mindless consumption

A simple birthday celebration (for your children)

The problem with cheap

September 2016

Inspiring others through minimalism

Women and their (our) shoes

Our minimalist home

A created need or want? 


Love people, use things

Should we get rid of stuff that are still in good condition?

The “just in case” conumdrum

Defining minimalism

Benefits of decluttering

Minimalism during pregnancy

How much clothes do our children really need

Why I embrace minimalism Dave’s story

Why I embrace minimalism – Kate’s story

Go Curry Cracker!

Retire Early. Travel the World.

Four Pillar Freedom

Finding Freedom Through Financial Independence

Millennial Revolution

Random thoughts and journey towards a minimalist lifestyle

Mr. Tako Escapes

Just another site

My Money and Me

I want to live a free life meaningfully.

Root of Good

Retired in 2013 at age 33. Life is Good.

My 15 Hour Work Week

Semi-Retirement Made Earlier and Easier

Raising Smart Savers

Family finances, parenting, and raising money-smart kids.

Dad is Cheap

Fatherhood, Money, and Everything in Between

Our Next Life

Early Retirement // Financial Independence // Adventure

Mr. Money Mustache

Early Retirement through Badassity

Be More with Less

simplicity is love

Afford Anything

You Can Afford Anything ... Just Not Everything. What's It Gonna Be?


Financial independence and simple living

No Sidebar

Design a Simple Life

Cait Flanders

Author of The Year of Less

Rockstar Finance

A collection of AWESOME money articles

zen habits

Random thoughts and journey towards a minimalist lifestyle

Becoming Minimalist

Own less. Live more. Finding minimalism in a world of consumerism.

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