December 2017

Minimalist in the City – Reflections of 2017

A minimalist pregnancy?

Nov 2017 – expenses update

Car ownership in Singapore

November 2017

An exciting piece of news to share

Navigating the workplace

The engagement ring

A proud parenting moment

Surviving the 11.11 challenge

Compassion at the work place

Oct 2017 – Expenses Update

October 2017

A closer look at our expenses

What are you passionate about in life?

Interview Series – Minimalist who wants to step foot on all Seven Continents before the age of 35

THE BIG PLAN – Counting down with 1000 more days to FI

Sept 2017 – Expenses Update

September 2017

Random thoughts of the day: Counseling a junior member of the team at work

Pre-school in Singapore

September 2017 – expenses update

August 2017

Routine is the enemy of time

What do we do with our old clothes

Debt or no debt

A simplified childhood

July 2017 – expenses update

A little by little adds up to a lot

The road to financial freedom

July 2017

8 ways you can pamper yourself without spending a penny

The seven money habits for living the life you want – “Love your life, not theirs” by Rachel Cruz – Part 2

June 2017 – expenses update

My spending habits

June  2017

The case of “volunteerism” for school enrollment

Wedding banquets in Singapore

Clutter free with kids

Textile waste

May 2017 – expenses update

May 2017

Minimising negativity towards work

The seven money habits for living the life you want – “Love your life, not theirs” by Rachel Cruz – Part 1

Clothing shopping ban – 5 months on

Baby Milk Formula

Consumption patterns of Singaporean women

April 2017 – expenses update

April 2017

“Stop Acting Rich” by Thomas J. Stanley

Random thoughts of the day – a couple’s perspective

March 2017 – expenses update

March 2017

Do you consider the leasehold of the flat when you buy your HDB?

Losing your $14,000 a month job at 48

CPF talk

Minimalism and the luxuries

Of birthdays and Valentine’s day

Having the right people around you

February 2017 – expenses update

February 2017

“The automatic millionaire” by David Bach

Minimising credit cards

January 2017 – expenses update

Budgeting for 2017

January 2017

Minimising diapers

Priority Seat


The truth about discounted items

Lessons over a year of buying nothing except the essentials

Let it go

Reflection on our minimalism journey so far