Every now and then, we read about a mega HDB unit that is being transacted for over a million dollars. That normally becomes the talk of town for a while and before we realised, another similar article pops up in the headline. A lot of these units transacted are in established, mature old towns, such […]

I came across a recent article on The Straits Times, of an individual losing his high paying job at the age of 48. It seems that previously, he was a high-flyer in the banking industry and was drawing about $14,000 a month (I think that might have been exclusive of bonus, but even if it […]

Last week, Dave and I managed to spend sometime together after work. It has been a while since we had these date nights moments, and we had dinner together before attending a seminar. The seminar we attended was about “Optimising your CPF“.  It was organised by BigScribe, a group of personal finance bloggers in Singapore. For […]

Does minimalism means that we miss out on the luxuries in life? Well, it’s entirely up to you. Dave and I practice a school of minimalism where we do minimalise the stuff in our life, yet not compromising on quality. At the same time, we try not to be too extravagant about them and avoid […]

This is quite a belated post, I mean Valentine’s Day was more than a month ago right? Why do I even bother to right something about that now? Well to be honest, I had worked on a posting that I had intended to post on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish writing it […]

Financesmiths recently wrote an article with the same title. Basically, he talked about 2 different groups of friends he hanged out with, and how different the topics revolved. Which is common for different groups of friends. When we are with certain groups of people, topics tend to revolve around certain things and issues and also, […]

Kate and my birthday both falls on the same day in February (what are the odds, even though I’m slightly older). Thus, we have been celebrating our birthdays together ever since we knew each other nine years ago. This year, we celebrated our birthday with a simple Chinese restaurant lunch and a family trip to […]

I chanced upon this book  “The Automatic Millionaire” by Financial guru David Bach more than ten years ago in a public library near my formal home. This is the one of the first few financial books that I came across and that was also the period of time when I started to get more serious […]

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