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And for the inaugural 2019 edition of Friday reads, nothing better than some resolution setting for the new year! Hope the following list inspires.

What I learned at work this year (Bill Gates) 

Today of course I still assess the quality of my work. But I also ask myself a whole other set of questions about my life. Did I devote enough time to my family? Did I learn enough new things? Did I develop new friendships and deepen old ones? These would have been laughable to me when I was 25, but as I get older, they are much more meaningful.

19 Uncomfortable Things You Need to Start Doing for Yourself in 2019 (Marc & Angel) 

The bottom line is most of us don’t want to be uncomfortable, so we subconsciously run from discomfort constantly.  The problem with this is that, by running from discomfort, we are forced to participate in only the (easy) activities and (unexciting) opportunities within our comfort zones.  And since our comfort zones are relativity small, we miss out on most of life’s greatest and healthiest experiences, and we get stuck in an endless debilitating cycle.

Your Goals are Overrated (Mark Manson) 

People tend to rely too much on self-discipline and eschew forming useful habits. People tend to bite off more than they can chew, so to speak, setting goals that are far above their ability or knowledge level and then becoming frustrated when they make little to no progress towards them. People are tempted to take “shortcuts” to achieve a goal that may actually sabotage themselves in the long-run, like starving yourself to lose weight, or cheating to get a good grade on a test.

How To Crush Your Goals In 2019 (Dr Travis Bradberry)

Emotional intelligence ensures effective communication between the rational and emotional centers of your brain. As you improve your emotional intelligence, you improve your ability to understand and control the primary motivations for your behavior, which reaps dividends in everything you do every day. Emotional intelligence is powerful and efficient—it allows you to focus your energy on a single skill with tremendous results.

22 Best Transformational Books To Rock Your 2019 (FitFinancials) 

“You’ll learn how to embrace who you are and increase your self-worth. You’ll begin to finally love yourself and treat yourself with acceptance and love. This book can transform your way of thinking if you give it a chance. There were many skeptics that this book would be a typical self-love book and it isn’t.”

Happy 2019 everyone!

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