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And here are the goodies…

The Balance Between Novelty and Stability – and How That Affects Your Dollars and Cents (The Simple Dollar) 

Novelty comes when you try a new experience. You’re interacting with new people. You’re trying a new meal. You’re going to a new store. You’re going to a new place. Those are enjoyable experiences – our brains like novelty. Yet, at the same time, novel experiences don’t last. They don’t scratch the same itch that familiar experiences do.

How I Deal When I’m Not 100% Feeling My Job (The Luxe Strategist) 

After doing that a few times, I learned that jumping to a new job didn’t necessarily solve my problems: In some cases I traded my old problems for new, different ones. Sure I no longer had to work on a crappy project, but in exchange for that I got a jerk boss at the new company.

Forget Age, Choose to Measure Your Life in Experiences Instead (The Muse) 

So, let’s throw away the rule book, dismiss the headlines, and refuse the ideals that told us growing older is a negative thing. Let’s ignore the stigmas that tell us that people over a certain age don’t get promoted, or can’t switch careers, or are not tech-savvy enough to work at a startup. It’s simply not true and there are people disproving it all the time.

The Single Most Important Factor in Leading a Happy, Fulfilling Life–According to Science (Becoming Minimalist) 

The root of happiness is not money, fame, or good looks—it’s the people we choose to surround ourselves with and how well we nurture our relationships with them.

How Much Should You Starve Your Kids? (Margin of Saving) 

If you’ve never been poor before, I don’t recommend it. It sucks. However, one good thing about being poor is it’s an amazing motivator to not be poor.

And here’s wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

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